Oasis Network (ROSE) has rebounded sharply – Can this uptrend keep going?

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After a sluggish commencement to 2022, Oasis Network (ROSE) is yet rebounding sharply. The token appears to person weathered the crypto tempest seen implicit the past 7 days and is present firmly connected the up. But tin this uptrend really last? Well, present are immoderate highlights first:

  • At the clip of writing, ROSE was trading astatine $0.4203, up astir 25% successful 24-hour intraday trading.

  • Oasis Network has distinguished itself arsenic a fast-growing alternate to Ethereum and has earned its spot successful the market.

  • The token is present supra its 20- and 50-day elemental moving average, an denotation of a bullish alignment.

Data Source: Tradingview 

Oasis Network (ROSE) – Price prediction and analysis

Oasis Network (ROSE) has seen a monolithic terms betterment successful the past fewer days. Although overall, the crypto marketplace has slumped, ROSE is outpacing each different coin close now. At the clip of writing, the token was up 25% successful 24-hour intraday trading. 

ROSE has besides paired immoderate of the losses we saw the past week. Although it’s inactive down astir 1.26% for the past 7 days, it’s inactive mode amended compared to the mean successful the market. 

We person besides seen the terms enactment surge supra 20- and 50-day SMAs, suggesting that determination is inactive much bullish momentum to travel successful the adjacent term. The comparative spot scale oregon RSI is besides successful the neutral zone, different affirmative motion for bulls. With these indicators, it is apt that ROSE volition proceed this uptrend successful the adjacent term.

Should you bargain Oasis Network (ROSE)

The Oasis Network (ROSE) is seen arsenic a superior alternate to Ethereum. The blockchain has successful information enactment speech $160 cardinal to incentivise developers to make connected its chain. 

Although it inactive has a agelong mode to spell to drawback up to Ethereum, truthful far, it has done rather well. For the semipermanent crypto investor, this is simply a bully token to buy.

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